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Friday, September 30, 2016

Deux recyclages pour la valise des vacances

Voici deux petits recyclages que j'ai fait pour mettre dans la valise des vacances.
Les éléments sont au nombre de 3 au départ : 1 tunique et 2 robes (imprimée noire et blanche ; unie noire)

et à l'arrivée j'obtiens un tee-shirt et une petite robe :

quelques photos supplémentaires :

Et si vous voulez en voir plus, c'est Ici 
Bisous et à bientôt,
Elisa Elisa
I apologise for not posting more but today was a bad month for refashioning. I started out the month with a very ambitious refashion that has turned into a long-term refashion. The second I was going to refashion sounded a lot easier.  It was so frustrating; I seemed to be doing everything wrong. So I decided to put that refashion on hold. But I still wanted to refashion something. Which is where this top come in

I was looking through my refashioning pile and found this great sweater dress. It is so soft and fuzzy the perfect thing for winter. The were a couple of things I disliked the length and the neckline. I started with trying to fix the neckline. Nothing work for me, so I decide to ignore that for now and work on the length instead. The length was easy to adjust all I did was take the ribbing around the bottom and sew it higher up.

Once I had sewed the ribbing up higher, I tried it on again to make sure the length worked. While trying it on I put it on backwards. This fixed the neckline and I rather like the straight line across.

Now my back is low and while at first, I thought I should add a bow or something. I think I will wear it awhile and see how I like it. Want to hear more details go check it out on.
my blog

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Baggy Skirt

Hello Refashion Co-op. I did a run through the thrift store recently. (It was 10 items for $10, I couldn't resist!) I found this outfit but the skirt was too big. I took it anyway because I loved the color so much. And the top had great fall colors but was right for the 90 degree weather we were having that week. 

There was some cute stitching details on both sides and I would normally use the side seams to resize a skirt that was too big. Instead, I made a new seam up the back of the skirt. A lot of skirts have a seam in the middle of the back, I figured it wouldn't really be noticed.

If you look below, you can see the new seam. It is pretty subtle, especially after some quick ironing. Summer heat tends to stick around my part of the world for a while, so here is my new favorite "hot" Fall outfit. Not bad for $2 bucks.

Happy sewing everyone!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Floral Scarf Refashion // Use Those Fabric Scraps!

After a few years of sewing, I made my first scarf. It's so easy to make, yet I had never made one. This scarf was made out of leftover fabric pieces. I simply sewed them together and added some black lace details to tie it all together. The floral chiffon was part of a dress that I used for two other projects. Isn't refashioning so awesome? I was very happy with the end result. :)

For the full tutorial click here.

#4 September Back to School: Two Linen Tops become a Linen Set

 This is #4 for September Back to School.

*I am a "retire / rehire". Retired from University and Rehired into an Elementary School
*I pledge not to buy any new RTW or thrifted for my new "Back to School" wardrobe.  
*I pledge to shop from my closet.

  • The skirts were in the closet & refashioned with hem & button changes a few years back.
  • Shopping the closet turned up the matching yellow linen tops bought in the same garage sale.
  • These were the same fabric and the same brand.
  • Problem was, the overshirt had the short sleeves and the undershirt had the long. sleeves.
  • Have an "aha" moment to realize that I could switch the sleeves in the tops so they cold be worn as a set.
  • Removed the sleeves from both tops. Sleeve caps & armcycles matched.
  • Baste, stitch, serge the sleeves in place. 
AFTER: An easy Refashion that gave a set to wear with the 3 skirts.
After: A Set
Short Sleeves 

in Under shirt
Long Sleeve 

in Overshirt
Already Refashioned

 Blue Skirt

After: Bias Cut Trim
Already Refashioned Chambray Skirt Hem

Already Refashioned 

Denim Skirt

Same Brand & Fabric
Long Sleeves
in Under Shir

From the closet
Short Sleevs
in Over-shirt