Saturday, March 25, 2017

A bit more on my jeans refashion

A couple people asked about the jeans refashion I posted.
First, I cut the jeans down the side seams, and cropped them in length (orange lines).
Then I pinned the fronts together and cut a random shape off (green line).
I used that cut off piece as a template for my contrast denim (grey shape), adding a couple of inches along the straight side to upsize the jeans. I also added a couple inches on the top edge to fold over at the waist.
When I stitched the contrast pieces on, I completely messed up at hip level.
After a bit of swearing and a coffee, I chopped off the narrow straight bit from hip to waist, and stitched on separate pieces. I was on the verge of giving up as I now had two sloppy looking joins, so I used the cut off pieces from the leg length to fudge together a couple of half pockets to disguise the mess. I topstitched a lot (not perfectly, sadly).

Hope that makes it a little clearer. Thank you for the kind comments, my fellow refashioners - you all inspire me!

Friday, March 24, 2017

The world's longest sleeves

This knitted suit jacket/cardigan is probably my best thrift shop find so far. I loved it right away, when I found it. Looked at the tag: An Odd Molly! And it was as new.
It just had one problem, which naybe also was why it ended up in a thrift shop: It had extremely long sleeves.

Now, I do have short arms, but this was crazy. Look, sleeve monkeys.... I had to shorten the sleeves.

The inside edge of the sleeves was very nice, so I decided to shorten the sleeves the way, you also commonly shorten jeans, if you want to keep the original hem,
It is easiest to show in a picture. You sew along the red line, cut of the excess and finish the raw edge.
I also hand sewed that inside seam to one side, to make it lie flat inside the sleeve.

A lot better. And perfect transistion wear for our spring, when weather constantly changes and the temperatures fluctuates wildly.

Forcing my sewing and refashion mood back

Hey everyone. So sorry, it's been a while since my last post.

My sewing  mojo has been low for way too long, and all through this time I've been wanting to do things, but my body would just not respond to my wishes. Pdf pattern tests are my way to get me doing something. Having a deadline to complete a piece makes me actually start and finish something. That was the reason I've recently tested the Arthur Chinos pattern for Suco by Susana. 

Of course, when I have anything to sew, my first source for fabric is my to be refashion pile of clothes. So far I am getting away with it, since my youngest is still two years old and I can fit shorts and pants pattern pieces into adult sized (larger sizes only) ones. That said, that's just what I did for his newest Chino shorts, with summer in mind already. This is a first test for the pattern, which has been recently released, and even though it was the first test, it was already perfect. I am in love with them. I used  a man's pair of pants (pictured above) for ths refashion. I made size 3, which is the smallest one in the pattern, he's still wearing 18M-24M when it comes to bottoms, but I guess he'll grow a little until it's good weather for them.

If you want to read more about this refashion, come by House of Estrela for a visit.  

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sharing the same jeans (genes)

Youngest son cleared out his closet before leaving for college, and put a lightly worn pair of jeans in the thrift store pile.

I like dark denim and need some more pants (I prefer skirts, but need pants for walking to work).
Youngest son and I may share the same genes, but I could not wear his jeans without some major "up-sizing"!
I just decided to chop away/add in some contrast fabric/do a lot of pinning and trying on and cross my other words, wing it. I used a really muted tartan from Cali Fabrics.

I ended up doing a bit of patching together, due to my complete lack of planning, so had to add some pockets to cover unwanted seams. Luckily, I had cut quite a bit off the leg length, so had some scraps to work with.

Well, now I can get them on, and do up the buttons (grrr...darn button fly, prefer zips).
Not bad for a Sunday afternoon's work and a little fabric from the stash - thanks, son!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

how to sew 👉 a pleated skirt

When I was watching comedy Wild target ( super cool 💃 comedy by the way) I fell in love with 🌹 Rose's style,esspecialy her yellow skirt and leather jacket are fantastic. 
I want to have both but as first I found mustard color fabric 😉

My before fabric : trousers in beautiful mustard color
if I remember good it's wool mixed with synthetic fabric 😊

 during work 👊

 ready skirt 👗
Quick  view on me  

before and after

     Love ,