Monday, May 22, 2017

Dress into swing skirt

I once sewed this dress in houndstooth patterned wool. And I liked it.

Then I got larger around the chest, and it hung in the closet for at few years. Then I refashioned it like this. And I liked that too.

But since I made it, we have had warmer winters, and even on the colder days, it was too warm to wear the dress.
So I decided to remake the dress into a skirt.
I simply cut off most of the bodice, leaving the bottom of the bodice at double the width of what I needed the waist band to be.
I doubled the the waistband over and stiched the edge to the inside of the skirt.
I am sure I will get a lot more wear out of it like this (when autumn comes).

By the way the pullover is also a refashion, or a slight remake really. One so small I didn't got around blogging about it. I fell in love with the cashmere fabric, but the decoration had loads of sequins and beads, and was so 00's. So I removed them to update the pullover.


Elastic, be gone

Nice blouse in my size and with a pattern I liked. What I didn't like, was that it had an elastic at the lower hem. It didn't do anything good for me.

I simply cut the elastic edge off and shortened the blouse by 5 cm (2").

Skirts / Dresses from Bed Sheets

I knew that I had a lot of skirts and dresses that i'd made from bed sheets.  I somehow lost track of how many i'd made until I decided to put them all together in 1 post.
Dress from a bed sheet
All of these dresses used to be bed sheets.

White sheet dyed purple

Floral sheet to sundress

Duvet turned into winder dress

Vintage sheet turned into summer dress
Duvet turned into circle skirt

Walmart Sheet and yoga pants turned into a dress

For a tutorial on how to turn a sheet into a circle skirt or dress visit my blog:

Clipping the Bat Wings!

Digging through the box of dresses that my mom gave to me (ones that she wore back in the late 70's-early 80's), this blue one was the next to catch my eye.  I really liked the soft color, and although it is polyester, it has a linen-like feel to it.

The overall fit was fine, but it needed some tweaking to bring it up to speed. 

I liked the empire waist detail so I left that as is.  I didn't, however, want the confines of a collar, so I removed it and cut a nice scoop neckline.  After cutting off some of the length of the dress, I had enough fabric to make a facing for the new neckline.

For more pics and an explanation of how I disguised the back elastic waistband, please visit my blog, Second Chances by Susan.  Thanks!

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Some New Undies !

Hey folks !

So for today's refashion, I decided to show you the new undies I have made for some celebrities I went to see.  That is my new strategy.

So I started with normal t-shirts and tops:

It is for a couple so I used the Scrundlewear Pattern from Stitch Upon A Time for the lady and Jalie's boxers for the gent (unfortunately discontinued).

I also digitized an embroidery of the show's poster :

Here is what I came up with for the embroidery:

And then for the underwear:

I hope they will fit them  !!!  They are so cute and nice !!!

Peace !