Sunday, August 28, 2016

Refashion Runway: Tunic

For the next Refashion Runway challenge - Tunic - I used this linen blend skirt and top set and a cotton muumuu (with nursing zippers!) to make a reversible tunic.

Refashion Runway: Tunic

I removed the belt loops, hook and eye, zipper, and waistband from the skirt, then picked out all the box pleats and pressed out the wrinkles. I also removed the yoke from the muumuu, salvaging the sleeves, buttons, zippers, and upper back panel as I went. I cut open a paper bag and drafted a tunic pattern, complete with bust darts and a slight flare to accommodate my hips, and used it to cut out my front and back panels from each of the fabrics. The muumuu sleeves were trimmed down and the coral printed sleeves were cut from the front panel of the original top. Once I assembled all the coral pieces and all the grey pieces, I joined the two separate tunics into one along the neck edge. Lastly, I folded in and top-stitched the sleeve hems and the bottom hem.

Refashion Runway: Tunic

Refashion Runway: Tunic

I love the reversibility and the little peak of the other fabric that you get from the slightly longer back flap on the bottom. And I love that I can make a statement with the bright, boldly patterned side or keep it neutral with the grey instead.

Refashion Runway: Tunic

Refashion Runway: Tunic

For more details on my project, you can visit me at CarissaKnits. Or go check out the other competitors' refashioned tunics at The Renegade Seamstress and cast your vote!

Refashion Runway: Tunic

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Refashion Runway: The Tunic Challenge!

This week, on Refashion Runway the theme is tunic.  I actually made two tunics this week.  The first one started with a XL men's dress shirt.  After passing it by because of the price, I was fortunate to go back a week later and pick it up for half price.  I love a good deal! 

The tunic is versatile.  It can be worn with a slim skirt (made from a men's polo shirt)...

...or, by adding a flowy vest (made from a knit skirt)...

...or, worn casually with skinny jeans.

Either way, its definitely comfortable!

The second tunic was made from a men's t-shirt and a pillowcase.

It was super simple, taking less than an hour to complete!

If you would like to see the complete process for all four pieces, you can visit my blog,
Second Chances by Susan!

Thank's for following along.  And, thanks again to Beth for hosting this fun competition!

Be sure to check out the rest of the creative ladies participating in Refashion Runway and to vote for your favorite!

Gloves to Shoe Soles

A child I have the privilege of caring for lost one shoe from the only decent pair of shoes he had that fit. Ugg, he had a second pair, but as they had fire trucks on them, they used to be his favorites, thus they were worn out.

Yep both shoes had holes in the soles. While trying to find something to put on the kid's feet so we could go outside one morning, it hit me, since these were soft leather shoes I could just re-sole them if I could get my hands on a piece of leather for a decent price. Hmm, would cheap leather gloves be big enough? I decided to give it a go.

Both the gloves and shoes got disassembled with my seam ripper. I made a paper pattern for the new sole, cut into the gloves the headed to the sewing machine armed with a brand new leather needle. (mandatory for sewing leather on the sewing machine!)

Well, it worked! Less than a half hour later the shoes had new soles, and as soon as the toddler woke up from his nap they were tried out and received no complaints! To read the whole story, with more pictures of course, check out my blog post!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Just another old dress...

You people on this blog do some really great things with your sewing! I admire, but I just don't have the patience for those skillfully thought out items that many of you do. Is it wrong that I'm perfectly content to keep things simple?
I was excited when I found this large, almost pajama-like dress. It felt like an old muu muu, but had a nice detail at the bust line and cute little buttons. Very easy to turn into this:
Yup, that's a picture of a girl had no frustrations (like I usually do) and came up with something just right on the first try. The pictures came out a little less bright and vibrant than I would've liked. I took it in on the sides and shortened the straps. I added some little round studs around the top of the dress and on the straps. Of course the belt was added. Always the damn belts with me.
Here's the full post and here's a fabulous skirt that I also did.
Thanks for looking!

2 pairs of jeans and a floral top = a jacket

The #therefashioner2016 challenge is year was to refashion jeans! I wasn't feeling particularly inspired by this, until I saw this Zara shop window display in Edinburgh!


So 2 pairs of black jeans and a cream lacy top, with a tiny bit of black, a lot of playing with bondaweb, and using a favourite vintage pattern, I now have a jacket that I'm really enjoying wearing. For the full story, including how many times you can move a flower, have a look at my blog post!